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REGISTER NOW - 44th WMTS Congress and Championship, Bali, Indonesia, September 20-27, 2014


Welcome to the World Medical Tennis Society's website. If you are a tennis-playing medical doctor, from anywhere in the world, please read on. If you know of tennis-playing medical doctors, then please call this website to their attention.

This site has been developed to promote the WMTS. We want to gain new members. We want to impress physicians of the long, successful history of the organization, so they will attend our meetings and compete with us.

There are 4 main aspects of a WMTS meeting: 1) physical fitness through tennis, 2) great camaraderie among players, 3) scientific sessions that meet most governments' requirements, and 4) travel to many places in the world. "It doesn't get any better than that!"

Sign up! We'd like to meet you.

James L. Manion, M.D.
Executive Secretary

Dear WMTS members, friends:

It is a great honor to become the new President of the World Medical Tennis Society. I will do my best to strengthen and improve WMTS. Great effort should be concentrated in involving new member countries and young doctors to guarantee the longevity of WMTS. Our annual meetings should remain as gathering of old friends in relaxing atmosphere.

I would like to encourage you to participate in the next two WMTS events during my presidency: 42nd WMTS Congress and Championship in Cervia - Milano Marittima, Italy, September 22-29, 2012 and 43rd WMTS Congress and Championship in Jurmala, Latvia, August 17-23, 2013. Both sites are seaside resorts by Adriatic and Baltic seas and you will be able not only enjoy exciting tennis tournaments but also leisure with your families on the nearby beaches.

I will be very thankful to our Executive Secretary Dr. James Manion, Executive Committee members, all delegates and tournament participants in supporting me during these two years of presidency.

Enjoy your game!

Sincerely Yours,
Egils Valeinis, MD
President, WMTS (2011-2013)
President, Latvian MTS

Excerpts from Dr. Stanley McCampbell’s, “My Memoirs of…The World Medical Tennis Society,” written in 1991.

“To me it has been a great honor to know and enjoy the friendship of doctors from around the world. It has been the most exciting experience of my life. Doctors…can be assured that if they travel thousands of miles to meetings, they will be certain of a warm welcome, well-organized tournaments and scientific sessions, and a grand, good time. It is an opportunity, unequalled, as far as I know, of enjoying the friendship of interesting, fun loving, sportsman-like doctors who will be friends for life. I would certainly like to do it all over again.”

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