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Welcome to the World Medical Tennis Society's website. If you are a tennis-playing medical doctor, from anywhere in the world, please read on. If you know of tennis-playing medical doctors, then please call this website to their attention.

This site has been developed to promote the WMTS. We want to gain new members. We want to impress physicians of the long, successful history of the organization, so they will attend our meetings and compete with us.

There are 4 main aspects of a WMTS meeting: 1) physical fitness through tennis, 2) great camaraderie among players, 3) scientific sessions that meet most governments' requirements, and 4) travel to many places in the world. "It doesn't get any better than that!"

Sign up! We'd like to meet you.

Egils Valeinis, M.D.
Executive Secretary

Letter from the President

Dear WMTS members, dear friends,

Jan Kirchner

my name is Jan Kirchner and I come from Czech Republic. My first WMTS Congress and Championship was in Bastad, the Swedish tennis shrine, several years after the fall of the iron curtain. We came three “freshmen“ from our country that year: myself, Jaroslav Kratochvil and René Urbanec. We relished in the atmosphere of friendship and enthusiasm. This feeling stayed in our hearts ever since. It did not take long and the Czech rookies had the privilege to host the 2002 WMTS Congress and Championships on Czech soil in Karlovy Vary. In 2011 we repeated it again. That same year I was elected the vice-president and earlier this year in Rotterdam I had the honor to succeeded Lars Hagberg as the president of WMTS. I hold all the former presidents in high regard and I am very pleased to follow in their footsteps. I feel a great responsibility to continue in the story of friendship, fair play and collegiality that all my predecessors preached. Also I would like to welcome on board Egils Valeinis, the new Executive Secretary and a former WMTS President, who, among many other things, was the first in the history of WMTS to set up a fully functional ranking system that he himself keeps up and running. Thank You Egils.
Next year in October, the 46th WMTS Congress and Championship will be held in Lima, Peru and it will mark the first time that South American continent will host our beloved event. Personally I am very excited as I find Peru a very attractive country, with a great history and amicable people. We’ll have the opportunity to visit world heritage sites such as Cusco and Macchu Picchu, to increase the red blood cell count and hopefully to inspire and attract more colleagues from Latin American countries to join WMTS. Dr.Cesare Villaran came to Rotterdam with a group of his colleagues from Peru and many of us had the opportunity to meet these very friendly colleagues. I believe they will do a great job as our 2016 hosts. I would also like to take the opportunity to ask colleagues from all member countries to think about their candidacy for the future WMTS meetings. The Executive Committee and me personally will always be ready to help as consultants. Finally, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2016. Let’s keep the spirit of friendship, collegiality and support across all states and nations. I believe it is especially important in these uneasy times.

Yours sincerely,
Jan Kirchner

Excerpts from Dr. Stanley McCampbell’s, “My Memoirs of…The World Medical Tennis Society,” written in 1991.

“To me it has been a great honor to know and enjoy the friendship of doctors from around the world. It has been the most exciting experience of my life. Doctors…can be assured that if they travel thousands of miles to meetings, they will be certain of a warm welcome, well-organized tournaments and scientific sessions, and a grand, good time. It is an opportunity, unequalled, as far as I know, of enjoying the friendship of interesting, fun loving, sportsman-like doctors who will be friends for life. I would certainly like to do it all over again.”

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